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The vision won't replace anyone Dr strange has his own movie Adam Warlock will be introduced in guardians 2 at the latest as Starlords mysterious powerful father he will already be in existence no Cocoon will be necessary the surfer will show up in the Fantastic 4 2 maybe sooner as far as hemidall having the soul gem they could take that route probably not unless it's the time gem he has not soul or warlock has time instead of soul could be either or I think Thor vision was of Thanos destroying asgard to find the remaining gem which would be ragnorok movie we could see the time gem in the Dr strange movie though I believe but warlock will definitely be tied to the soul gem even if hemidall wields it because in the gauntlet series warlock never actually had possession of the soul gem he was linked to it somehow therefore being able to keep tabs on thanos plan

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