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Darth Vader the "Dark Lord" himself might not actually be evil. Palpitene tell Anikan in episode III that good and evil was just a matter of perspective. Think about it though!!! The Jedi have no emotion. No sadness no happiness no anger. Nothing that would drive them into changing. Sounds kind of demonic doesn't it? The sith on the other hand rely on emotion completely mostly anger yes but they use it in a positive way. Makes you feel better about the so called bad guys huh? Then after learning the darkness of the Jedi and the prophetic vision of padmes death Anikan joins the sith. Because of love. Apparently that makes him a bad guy. What the heck George Lucas!! But after the Jedi is deystroyed and all that juicey stuff Anikans own son deystroyed the peace of the galaxy. Blah blah blah Luke almost dies and Anikan saves him. But he's the bad guy. Omg what is wrong with humanity. Seriously.

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