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Hey guys, it's Darth Knight here! I've recently seen some rumors about Peter's actual Civil War appearance, and it appears that Spider-Man will engage in an epic, cinematic throw down with.... Captain America?!

Movie Web and HeriocHollywood described this rumored battle as the most beautiful choreographed and epic fight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I'm here to speculate though, "Why? How could Steve bring himself to fight a teenager?"

In the comics, Captain America and Spider-Man were often at odds over whether Peter should really be participating and risking his life in the confrontations between big scale villains. Of course, Cap's respect grew as Peter gained experience, becoming the Amazing Spider-Man we all know and love.In Civil War (Comics), Spider-Man first joined Iron Man's side before eventually switching to Steve's.

So, hopefully this will play out in the actual Civil War movie.

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