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Ok I just recently heard about this so I'll be adventurous with this first

Tony Stark (Intelligence)

Secondly because you need some power

Goku (All Abilities Op I Know)

And thirdly because stealth must be an option

Big Boss (Tech and Stealth Knowledge)

And Finally my Mission

To Defeat Superman and to break into the fortress of solitude to free Doomsday

Will I Succeed here's how I think I will be able to outsmart superman with my intelligence but if that doesn't work then I will be on par with superman in terms of abilities but if I do need a quick escape just stealth my way out of there and away from superman your thinking I know it'll be difficult but I'll use the Famous Box of the metal gear franchise to distract superman and I'll make my break for it

And there you have it that is my abilities and my Misson will I Succeed you be the judge

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