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This is my first time writing an article here, so I'll try my best. First off, It's not impossible to get into the Batcave. It has been done a few times. I assume I can choose any ability from any fictional universe. I would choose Intellect first, but more on the lines of Data from Star Trek (the accumulated knowledge of all man- and alien-kind in his memory banks). With this ability my character should be able to hack Batman's computer, get passed any traps and sneak pass any humans. But I'll still add two more. My second ability would be Enhanced Speed like Flash from DC Comics, (Accelerated Perception, Accelerated Thought Process, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Stamina, Speed Combat ). Last but not least a body that can handle what ever comes at it. My third ability is Accelerated Healing/Regeneration, like Wolverine from Marvel Comics. I believe a character with these abilities could combat any problem or person.

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