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...tely different in how their body works. I agree with the other comments also if we lives I'm a world where there wasn't so much pressure to look like a specific person shape or whatever there would not be half of the health issue amongst youngsters. No-one said anything about fat princess's, they say plus size but when in actual fact they are classed as normal size sue to the average size of a woman is between 12-14. Fact!! Clearly you are either shallow as fuck or a health nut. Either of them do not bother me cause that's your preference however do not preach to people about health. Each to there own. And o believe everyone should look after them self's and yes set a good example for the kids but I would back this Disney idea if it was to happen. Cause it's about time we stepped away from the bullshit that everyone has to be rake thin to find themselves a prince/princess charming

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