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First, Tarantino made both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction (those are indie films!) back when Miramax was dedicated to indie films. I don't recall the numbers but Reservoir probably cost as much as It Follows. Second, Tarantino has mentioned some of his favorites, namely The Host, Chocolat and the incredible Dogville, which gives a sense of his palate. Finally, when he talks about breaking rules, he is not talking about long conversations or changing the order of the acts. He is talking about the rules of the world the director created and then didn't follow. For example, you have a character that is a doctor, the best in the country, and doesn't know the difference between the flue and diarrhea. If the film didn't establish the guy as a con or inept, it's breaking the rules. It's not groundbreaking, just lousy writing. Tarantino can be wrong. I haven't seen the movie. But he is critiquing as an expert not a fan.

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