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The film franchise of "James Bond", a.k.a.007, started with A series spy novels of a fictional British secret service agent James Bond, written as A British Heterosexual Caucasian Male by Ian Fleming. But, James Bond is definitely NOT the One and Only secret service agent "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" ...... Unless you're talking about "Johnny English" instead.

So, as some have said here, "Surely there is a 008, 009, 010, ......" You can come up with another British Secret Service Agent as even a female/transgender, or a homosexual/bi-sexual, or a Non-Caucasian to be "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", or even from another country -- to make the story even more interesting like "Rush Hour" film franchise, to work along side with James Bond in One Film to start another series of stories, right?! Creating a New Character makes much better sense, really! Especially, when Hollywood is out of Creativity on Original characters ...... What do you reckon?!

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