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Do you all remember the scientist who helped norton with a antidope.

When the special forces soldier made him inject the hulk formula, he got some on his skull. His forhead was swelling. I have this beleif he is brainiak. Here me out.

He did not agree with babners choice to destroy it all. "We could get the nobell". Then that whole bit with the obomination.

All i could think of is brain swelling. Brainiak....?.

I could be very wrong but he is supposed to be moreless the acengers hulk. Ruffalo i beleive.

We have not seen his lady friend. But we have seen stark befire iron man. We know that thunderbolt rods is coming. I heard possibly vin deisal is gunna do it. I have no idea aha.

But that one guy just makes me think of brainiak. I beleive he is a scientist. But who knows. I heard stan lee is secretly brainiak cuz if his apperence in every movie. But i dout that. This is the only movie with a swelling brain. Not body like hulk.

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