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As much as the joker was doing some interestingly good things. In ways.

The joker was setting up a way for the end of the batman. By means of people making there own desitions.

Remember he did kill...


It was all part of the plan.

All the plan was... was destruction and no batman.

But he did also want to control the curupt... why.

To work for him. As far as i can see.. joker doesnt have a good feeling for the gangsters and mob bosses.

From what we see. They have screwed him in the past.

We are not sure with the dark knight but..

I beleive the base of all the jokers is he wants to run the show. Even heith. In his own sinical way he wanted to lead all of this..

Heres my card.

Thags a buisness man haha.

Anway. What do you think.

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