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Now let me start off by saying that Christopher Nolan's joker is by far the best joker I've seen portrayed (although there hasn't been too many and you can hand count them). Jared Leto's joker doesn't do a thing for me based on the suicide squad trailer. On that note, Freddy Krueger had an ability to attack your nightmares. Let me say it again NIGHTMARES. Although Chris Nolan'so joker didn't seem have nothing phase him I believe he was afraid of his father. In order to become this psychopath schizophrenic, something has to happen to you in your childhood, something evil. By nature Freddy would attack this fear. Thenot again the joker is so cunning and smart he will without a doubt think of a way to distract Freddy and turn the tables. So in a manner of speaking and turning this into a debate. Unstoppable force meets immovable object.

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