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...ho put Miley hosting the VMA's in the first place. As for Nikki, seems every Black artist has a problem with "Slim white chicks" getting more press or awards. Just an FYI, there are only 13% of the Population that is Black, about 60% white. If you want a 50-50 ratio, you have a long way to go. OR, is it about only taking the top spots, cuz you feel " entitled"..??? Just asking, do the damn math. You cant have 50-50 in every single arena just because you feel you are entitled to it. Not in the Oscars, not in the VMA's. But, its ok for 85-90% of NBA players to be black, never seen anyone raise an eye. 50-65% of NFL are Black, maybe more. Of course, us White folks still got hockey,, and water polo, and badminton..

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