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It isn't just a result of Aladdin's wish - oh no, it was the interaction between that wish with the sorcerer'd Jafar de-princing him. If Aladdin's a prince, his dad's a king by default right? Then Aladdin gets de-princed but his dad wasn't directly targeted... Which meant his dad, now a king whose son is not going to inherit the throne, was shifted in the background from an inherited royal of whatever nation (Ababwa?) to having an earned title, the king of thieves. I suspect magic in this universe is a bit literal, and Jafar was trying to unprince Aladdin, not just make him poor or out of line to the throne (theoretically possible with older siblings and/or being disgraced and disinherited, albeit then he'd technically still be a prince/royal in that case).

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