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To be clear, you would rather your kids look up to Miley (The idiot that walked out on stage naked with Fake hair, teeth (caps), smokes pot, drinks, and shows her body, basically %$*^& a man at the same awards show last year. Over another woman that does basically the SAME thing, but uses a fake ass to do it....There is really only one thing that sets them apart really. So live with that, but the fact that you admitted to rather having your kids looking up to either one?!?!?!? Who is disgusting? If these are the only two human beings you can think of as role models..... IJPAL. So a NAKED LIAR, or a naked big ass Liar, such choices and high hopes you have for your kids.....The one thing you forget is these women make a living PREFORMING and the fact you can call one more disgusting over another says more about YOU then it does them. Miley wasnt being honest and neither were you....ROFL, man people either need to learn to lie better or just STFU all together..FFS.

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