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I think Bucky should become Cap because he 1. he needs to redeem himself 2. he is caps best friend 3. He served in WW11 4. i think so. I want Bucky to become Captain America and The Falcon to become Bucky's new partner but it still breaks my nerdy heart that Captain America has to die. It's like he was my closest friend and BOOM he's dead! It'll take a lot of nerve for me to watch the movie Captain America: Civil War. i watched the first Captain America when I was probably about 6 and ever since then i have been a huge fan. My heart follows Cap on all of his adventures I have basically dedicated most of my life to him and in my one and a half eyes i just cant see anyone being as good as Chris Evans as Captain America I have a lump in my throat writing this right now. Even just the thought of Captain America's death gives me a lump in my throat.

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