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(Sadly many people think what they see for show is not actually how they act or are off camera/stage/out of the public eye. But it comes down to this: the PARENTS are responsible for what their children see/hear/watch. Parents listen to music with suggestive words, so are their kids, doesn't matter if its Rap, clap, or KMA music. So many ways to stop it in the home, yes. In public, not so much. But then if your children are young you are with them most of the time. All I was trying to say is to me the best choice BETWEEN the two evils is whats in between..... NOTHING. (Think poetically, if you don't get it, ask someone. FFS) If this offends the delicates, I just don't know what to tell you, take your own advice, and don't take it seriously, and remember "Nikki", its not about YOU personally, its about the WORDS. Don't know you, don't want to, but most of all, its conversation and YOU aren't the topic.

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