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Fury Road could be the middle of the story and you could choose if number 3 was next, or number 1. This is interesting!!! One story could be about how his flashbacks could be the begining of his story telling how he lost his child, with a shit ton of action consisting of who killed the world ultimately leading to Imortan Joe which could show natural life the apocalypse and the up bringing of Imortan Joe in one flick!!! Nux and his involvement and of brainwashing of Imortan Joe could be included!!! The third is tricky, maybe Furiosa gets pregnant from Max and that's the ending, but it should be about how Imortan Joe's relative or something tries to take over the Citadel, and they seek Max's help and have a happily ever ending before Furiosa dies and leaves him in the same position with a new child.

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