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Let me paint you a scene, ok? Tall woman, black long dress with high slit and flats walks into a bar. She is tall perfection, wine stained lips grinning as she notices all of the room staring. She takes a swig of her whiskey and coke and then, a loud and escaped burp comes from that pretty little mouth of hers.

"Damn it, that shit always happens..." She laughs to the bartender.

We exist. The beautiful with strong habits of our fellow guy friends. We can win any fight, seduce whoever, and normally being blunt is our first quality. The Antibelles, or Anti Southern Belles. What is so awesome for us is now, Hollywood is deeming a few of them "It Girls". We have certainly come along way from the days when the ultra feminine women ruled the world.

Kristen Stewart, the woman in a designer gown and Converse. This chick just seems so laid back and natural its hard not to respect her.

Jennifer Lawrence is easily one of the most beautiful women alive, and she talks like one of the guys. Her personality is every bit as hot as she is.

Shailene Woodley, who it was once said she was so intimidating in the Divergent casting she went through male actor after male actor until one did not budge in her presence, hence how Four was cast. Something about her strength and amazing acting skills commands all eyes.

Amy Schumer, one of the funniest comedians of today who is not only really pretty, she says whatever the hell she wants.

It's time to be proud we look great in dresses and in sneakers. Some of us have spent our entire lives being told we are not girly enough. Screw that, embrace the Antibelle within. If Hollywood can embrace them, then wear the title with pride! This is for the strong women out there, are you an Antibelle?

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