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I believe in the paranormal activity of spirits good & bad! The good linger for reasons if unknown, I believe they don't want to leave loved ones bond to strong & they are doing Gods work. The evil are doing the devils work. And the Evil will continue to do evil as they have all there lives on earth. Spirits that find peace find God. I believe in the here after a good beautiful place called heaven. I believe in hell to, its obvious. If we have encountered millions of paranormal stories why do you disbelieve? Question that. Open mind ness keeps us aware of all things. We all HV a sixth sense but only a few are gifted with the ability to communicate with the dead. I will always believe and always read & do research on this subject because it fasanates me. And yes I want to know more, I'd love to get involved with a group that dies paranormal investigation. Sincerely Susan Samboy

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