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I did not know Cameron Diaz was a supporter of Green Energy and that she was so involved in it .

I also did not know she was in a soft porn movie.

Not knowing this has not changed my thoughts on her though . I find her to be one of the most energetic stars in her field . She makes me want to see her movies . I like comedy's a bit and it her sense of humor either acting or not shows through .

Even after her marriage to ? It seems to radiate around her as she seems to be doing some travelling these days . I am glad she has found time to do this either with or without ? Finiding time for yourself in that industry can not be easy and as famous as she is it must be hard to keep fans away long enough to do this .

Hopefully she does another movie soon as I like her movies .

She always enhances a room ,Does She Not ?

Troy Feltes

Las Vegas,Nevada

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