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There in little time left and we all are exited for the much awaited 'captain America :civil war'

So guys, there are many questions regarding civil war like who is in which team, many are praying that I shouldn't suck like dark world, but we are here to discuss the ideal team so let's get it started.

Ideal Team cap:

The leader of this team (I like to call them rebels) is obviously our sweet old cap. With cap comes buckey(the winter solder) and a side kik called Falcon. But they are not the only one. Team cap isn't Complete without the demigod Hercules, and daredevil, Luke (powerman) and our sweet neighborhood friend Spider-Man (although he was in Tony's team at the starting).

Team iron man:

With Tony in lead this group is having reed Richards, wonder man, spider women, shield ans some super villains turned heroes.

But I personally support cap, but all depends upon you. So who's side are you on??

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