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...ching point of the DCMU aren't you? Maybe it will be, or maybe it wont. The DCMU has a lot to prove and the jury is out on if it can deliver on those promises. Like it or not, the standard it will be measured against will be the movies in the MCU as they came first and WB is looking for those numbers to regain its investment. Sadly history has shown WB is more likely to cut bait and run, than stick through an entire creative project. For the sake of DC and the characters I've enjoyed over the last 20 years I hope this is not the case. But I am also a realist and seen DC's comic sales dwindled to be that half of Marvel (and only 5% more than Image) during their dark/gritty reboot of their books. They need a big win or WB will cut them loose. The irony then will Disney pick them up? And then incorporate Batman into the Avengers? All remains possible. And the DCMU has a lot to prove.

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