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...batman has a bit more screentime than superman here. I think the movie will great. but DC and Warner if you are listening, please stop putting batman at the center of everything you do. I love bat characters (Grayson,Batgirl,Red Hood, Spoiler and recently Bluebird have all become favourites of mine). But Batman is put at the center of everything. seriously play a different tune. Scott Synder's run (still going) on the batman comic is amazing but can we keep it there. seriously a spoilled billionare with dead parent issues and a serious lack of people skills is not as interesting as you guys think it is. We don't want a limited series called 'Forever Evil' that is supposed to spotlight the villains to suddenly have batman as a main character 2 issues in. so please stop with the 'needs more batman' attitude. now have to find a marvel article and write a similar post regarding Robert Downey Jr.

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