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Well, of course I watched age of ultron, only half of me is unsatisfied,

for some reasons:

1. For Clintasha shippers, yes it hurts when Hawkeye got married and have kids.

2. New Ship came in, Hulktasha. Quite new, Im not saying I hate it, but i respect of what Joss whedon did.

3. Why quicksilver had to go so quickly, I mean we just met in a movie, now he's gone.

4. How it ended, it sounded like there will be a new team of Avengers, if anyone agrees, I prefer the real team of Avengers.

5. What i think on Civil War on May 2016. I have many imaginations about it, for example Bucky Barnes is back and rumours say that Bucky was the reason Tony stark's parents, so what if Tony knows and bad things happen? who knows.

My way of ending of Age of Ultron, quicksilver will not die, More Clintasha moments and Jarvis will not be vision, I miss Jarvis too much, stick with Stark.

I apologize for my opinions on this

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