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I am in so in love with this movie. I have watched this movie 10 times.! I remeber each and every dialouge.. And the actor ansel as augustrus waters.. Has done a great job. ! Hazel grace (shailene) what an amazing performer is she.! The way she carried herself was speechless. Morever everyone was fantastic. This movie is my all time favourite beside watching this movie 10 times and when i was watching the movie for 11th time and i still cried and felt that i am watching it for the 1st time... I am so proud that movies like this are being released all over the world...!!! Okay? Okay! Always...! Some infinties are bigger than other infinities..... I am on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend❤️ AUGUSTRUS WATERS... YES HAZEL GRACE... LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE.......................EXTREME LOVE SPEECHLESS LOVE.. LOVE.. IS ALWAYS SICK BUT YET IS NEVER DIEING. LOVER IS ALL IN FIRE YET IS MORE IN FREEZING. LOVE INDEED IS EVERYTHING YET INDEED IS NOTHING..

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