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I think she carries her weight very well. She is curvy in all the right places, that's nothing to shame her for. Every young woman goes through that change when they get their womanly figure, she filled out so what that does not change who she is or her career. Lashing out at her isn't doing anything to her, but proving what fools you really are. Start judging her on her career, or the person she really is. The body shaming that's been going on is ridiculous and its unnecessary. It shows how shallow society really is. Just because your not happy with yourself don't take it out on other women, they have their own insecurities to worry about judging them just makes them feel worse. If you feel so bad about yours, change its that easy.

Selena you have nothing to prove, just smile and be you. The people who matter will always love you no matter how much you change.

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