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Rick will not (or at least should not) be killed on TWD because the entire narrative is his story. I think that when you look back at any story/adventure/etc. there was someone who was there at the beginning and made it all the way through to the end. Rick Grimes is that character in this story. As improbable as many of his escapes have been, they have to continue because he is the story teller.

My theory could be completely accurate, but Rick could still be killed off however...

It seems that they (the show runners) are intentionally changing certain specific details from the comic to the series, most likely to make sure nothing in the TV show feels predictable or stale. If this is the case they could make a serious statement (like "You think you know the comic huh? Well you don't know crap about the TV series...") by killing Rick off. In fact this would probably be the logical thing to do unless you just wanted to make him untouchable.

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