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This is my first post on moviepilot. I express my take on batman v superman. First of all the movie should live up to its hype. As the trailer I believe the movie starts of at the juncture where Man of steel ended. It as apparent as in the trailer that Bruce Wayne was present during the events of man of steel. Bruce Wayne sees this destruction as well as the loss of lives and then he decides to take action against superman while at same time after the events of man of steel there have been sightings of a man dressed as bat which first started 20 years ago.As obvious as it is the joker shall kill off Jason Todd and then the batman shall disappear. During the same time wonder woman meets with Bruce Wayne at the Wayne manor where a

I party is being held where Bruce Wayne and Diana prince share a dance. They both know their secret identities. At the same time Lex Luthor sends divers for extracting kryptonite from the indian ocean. Lex luthor also obtains Zod's body on which he conducts several experiments and determines the existence of the codex and then learns superman's secret identity and threatens him by using his mother as a bait Clark surrenders to Lex and is weakened by Kryptonite and then lex makes bizarro using superman. Supes then decides to roam in Gotham at night and then is confronted by batman. Lex sends Bizzaro around the world to act as a superhero superhero like supes catching the rocket. After this supes is again confronted by bats who is told by supes that he is not behind these incidents then bizzaro arrives and the three have a fight. Batman then orders Alfred for the special kryptonite suit. At the same wonder woman also arrives. Lex luthor also learns how to clone bizzaro which are referred as the red capes, In the ensuing fight havoc is created in metropolis. These red capes fight against batman and superman. The desert scene in the trailer may indicate the special facility where bizzaro is created. Still Lex does not admit his defeat and by mistake activates a beacon signal which is detected by Braniac hence leading to the justice league film.

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