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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, Children of all ages tonight we are celebrating the partaaaaayyyy of the century! Why? BECAUSE WE GOTTA!!!!

Now our guest list is almost full to the brim so be sure to grab your invite and join the likes of.........

1) The Mask-

If your going to have a party you gonna have to dance, and who better to kick off the dance floor than the mask! He will force you into his beat whether in the club or a police shoot out this man will choreograph the perfect number for you and your friends!

2) Loki-

Other than dancing what is the best way to have a good time at a party? MAGIC TRICKS! So who else is better for the job than Asgard's very own Trickster. He can multiply himself, Shape shift and re-create entire rooms in front of your very eyes. As well as this combustible elements will be in the room as he is also the creator of The Mask! If your not there to see how this one ends then you are missing out.

3) "Black Leg" Sanji-

Ladies, Please this is not a misconception. He is here yours and my favorite booty kicking chef is here to make you a delicious meal. A member of the Straw hat Crew "Black Leg" Sanji is a one of a kind chef who has knowledge of the "Attack Cuisine" of Kamabakka Kingdom he is sure to give you a tasty treat with little power boost as well. Be for warned men, if he tries to steal your lady let him or with the power of Diable Jambe (Damned Leg) you will end up the next course!

4) Deadpool-

So we have tricks, we have dance, we have food that will give you immense strength...... what is missing? MUSIC! Brought to you by Weapon x records and awesomeness is Canada's very own DJ DEADPOOL!!!! With music as unpredictable as his fighting style even the Taskmaster will struggle keeping up with his sick beats. Complementing the masks crazy nature Deadpool is sure to have something for everyone!

5) Lockjaw-

A member of the Inhumans Royal family lockjaw is serving to be this parties bouncer. Cute as a button when you have an invite Lockjaw is a giant dog! Try to get in without one however and he will teleport you back out and give you a nasty bite as a reminder of who is in charge!


Would you come to my party?


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