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Cameron Monaghan's performance as Jerome Valeska shook the Internet with speculation as to whether or not he is Gotham's Joker.

Viewers couldn't help but see the spirit of the Joker in this young actor, whether it was Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill, or even Caesar Romero. All while adding something of his own to the performance. In fact, Monaghan's own favorite Joker, Mark Hamill, went out of his way to express how much he enjoyed it.

I think that Jerome more than deserves to be an optional skin for flashback Joker, right? But wait, you say! He can't be the Joker, he's (BIG HONKIN' SPOILER ALERT) dead, right?

Not necessarily. At the end of season 2's mid-season finale episode, something mysterious was spotted at Indian Hill. While most viewers were looking at the new body bag which turned out to contain Theo Galavan deep-throating an umbrella(hehe) and were able to catch a glimpse of Fish Mooney in a tank, there was one significant blink-and-you'll-miss-it revelation to the left of Ms. Mooney's tank.

In the left-most tank appears to be the form of a very pale red-headed boy.

The odds are looking good for this person being Jerome. And that the idea of him NOT being the Joker was actually the joke all along.

The bottom line is that four episodes were enough for the audience to become completely mesmerized by Jerome's character. And if the Joker's origin is "multiple-choice," then the story of Jerome Valeska can be acceptably placed as another option in the Joker's rich mythos, and his inclusion in the Arkham games as an optional Joker skin would be perfectly warranted.

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