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With the Mid-Season break for The Walking Dead Season 6 currently underway, I would like to take the time to let people in on a little theory of mine. As we all know from the interesting scene including Daryl, Sasha an Abraham. NEGAN IS COMING!!! and with him is his famed bat Lucille. Why is Lucille Famed? Well that would be because it is the very weapon to end the life of fan-favorite Glenn in the comic that the hit TV-series is based on. Fortunately for lovers of Glenn I am completely confident that Glenn's Character on Amc is not meeting the same fate, and here is why.

Glenn has already "died"

As we all saw Glenn's Demise has been teased on many, many occasions. One instant was almost at the hand of a base ball bat back at Terminus. The most recent, however was left to speculation for a few weeks going as far as to remove the actor portraying him (Steven Yeun) from the opening credits. As we can all remember this absolutely destroyed the internet and devastated Walking Dead followers beyond belief.

What you may not know is that this was intentionally done as a way of seeing the effect the former pizza-boy's death would bring from a marketing/ratings standpoint. It became abundantly clear within 24-hours of his fake death that he is far from expendable. Leaving him safe.

Someone else will take his place

Although Glenn is safe from Negans' mighty swing, the scene from the comics is far to awesome and iconic to not take place. Instead, it will be given to another character. Who I will reveal and give my reasons to why later.

First of all my reasoning for the Character swap is because it has taken place before. Remember Hershel??? Yeah him, the sweet old farmer who had his head decapitated by the governor a while back. Here is a picture to jog your memory and bring out the "feels".

Well he wasn't actually suppose to be there, Tyreese was the one beheaded in the comic series. The scene was exactly as such in the comics, except Hershel felt the end of the blade rather than Tyreese. This I believe is because his character was still fresh and his death simply wouldn't have had enough shock factor to mean anything to fans at the time. Hershel however was a perfect replacement. He was a fan favorite, but still no where near as influential as his son in law.

Who will take Glenn's place?

The only Question I have left to answer is who will take Glenn's' Place in The Walking Dead season 6. Well it is simple.The Character who will have their face caved in is...


Aaron was introduced as the scout for the people of Alexandria back in episode 10 of the fifth season. He brought Rick and Company and helped give them a place to stay. He is the perfect substitute for a few reasons. First of all his character is less popular and has no where near the prestige and love backing him as Glenn does. He will however,have enough behind him to make his death meaningful upon his untimely demise as I believe it will not take place for a while.

Another key reason behind this is because of his position in the Walking Dead Comics, being he is still alive. This fact is perfect because if they were to trade places it gives Glenn the opportunity to stay for the long run and maybe even survive along side his Wife, Maggie, and future child.

Overall everyone is going to win when it comes to Negan and Lucille, they will get their pound of flesh, Glenn will get to keep on living and fans everywhere can sleep easy knowing so.


Do you think Glenn will Survive Lucille?

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