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#5 Frozen, Many have heard of the story of two sisters and how the one with white hair is evil But what you don't know is that Elsa the evil sister is also a magician. During her solo about letting it go she takes down her hair which is in a braid at the time and swings it forward and it swings right through her shoulder!

#4 Yet again Frozen with not one but another flaw. When Olaf is comforting Anna next to the fireplace, he walks next to a window, pulls off an icicle, and bites the sharp end off and spits it on the floor. In a few shots, the ice pieces are not on the floor, and could not have melted in this time.

story this flaw in in the beginning were the toy car that woody drives when andy play with him crashes into the box and in the next scene the same toy car that was crashed into the box came out of the closet! come on pixar.

#2 Aladin Many of you know that the Genie in Aladdin was in the lamp for 10,000 years as he states, but later on he turns into pinocchio which must have been way before his time.

#1 Arial this is more of a lesson learned for Pixar looks aren't everything"? Well, be prepared to throw that out the window, because the entire premise of The Little Mermaid is that looks are, in fact, everything. 15-year-old Ariel sees a very handsome older man that she instantly falls in love with, despite not knowing anything about him.

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