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I think the thought of the taskmaster back on marvel is amazing and I think there's a way he can be incorporated in the MCU that will also boost the TV ratings of a current MCU show. I'm a huge agents of shield fan and I was a little upset when I had read a few articles saying this might be there last season but the consistent "bad guy" on the show has been Grant Ward played by Brett Dalton. They have left his character pretty open thus far on where they could go with him and I think making him into the taskmaster just make sense. He's already known on the show as one of the most skilled assassins ever and has shown on multiple occasions that he is very good with weapons and hand to hand combat so it just make sense to me to make him the taskmaster that way you please the marvel fans and you'll also get a boost to your television rating. Maybe i just think this cause I want agents of shield to stay on tv as long as possible but it seems logical to me

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