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Let's examine the evidence...

Claim 1: "Superman is limitless!"

Fact 1: Superman has "never" had "unlimited power" according to DC's official Essential Superman Encyclopedia.

Claim 2: "Superman lifted infinity!"

Fact 2: Superman FAILED to lift the so-called "Infinity" book.

Claim 3: "Superman tanked the Big Bang!"

Fact 3: Superman was KILLED by the Big Bang.

Claim 4: "Superman destroyed a galaxy!"

Fact 4: Superman destroyed a solar system, not a galaxy.

...If anything is "limitless", it's the amount of lies being spouted by Superman fanboys.

The fact is that Superman has never been shown or stated to have any powers beyond the level of a solar system, whereas Goku has been confirmed to have universe-busting power in DB Super.

Conclusion: Goku is significantly more powerful than Superman.

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