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Hi my name is emm, and I love and adore all of the twilight books, but it would be nice to see how Jacob and nessy end up but also the love between the father and daughter, in the films Charlie is scared to loose Bella, so does he choose immortality to be with her, it's possibilities, but also the love story between Bella and Edward it would be nice for them to reunite just to do the films, I don't believe everything I read, but they have both moved on so why not, I just think it would be amazing to see what happens and I also like the twists, at the moment we only know of a few talents that Bella possess, but there could be more, I'm not a writer nor no-one special, but I believe more can be made, I love r,patz and k Stuart I believe that if a story is ment to be it will happen regardless of what ppl write Stephenie is a very talented writer who is truly gifted I would love to be an extra in a twilight film as a vampire, but that's never gonna happen, so good luck

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