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When Batman vs Superman was released last month there was one character who stole the show, and it wasn’t one of the title characters.

Instead, the breakout star was Wonder Woman, making her very first film appearance since the character first appeared in the comics way back in 1941.

You can check out her epic entrance in the movie here!

This got us thinking, which other women could we soon be seeing in the DC movie universe?

This great infographic from Bingo Find answers just that very question and takes a side by side look at some of the superheroines and supervillainesses of the DC comic book world.

We already know Wonder Woman will be starring in her own movie in 2017 (which we can’t wait for!) but who else could we be seeing further down the line?

Well, we also know that Harley Quinn and Enchantress will feature in the Suicide Squad movie (played by Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne) which is coming out in August and you can see the latest trailer here.

You can also catch Supergirl in her own TV series which recently finished its first series on Sky1.

Some, such as Catwoman and Poison Ivy have already appeared in various movies in the past (with varying degrees of success!),

As for the others, we can only speculate as the whether we’ll see them in the future but we definitely hope so!

We didn’t realise quite how many great female characters there were in the world of comic books and there are plenty of options that the filmmakers could take.

So which are your favourite? The goodies or the baddies? Or maybe even those who like to play both sides such as Catwoman?

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