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Watching Civil war for maybe the billionth time. You often catch things you miss. Like the Easter eggs and the tributes and the references that you pretend you found out by yourself when in reality you saw it on YouTube or here. But there was this one thing that stood out. It sounded like a reference to the hero NOVA! Could it actually be a sign that he's coming to the MCU?

Probably not...

But please listen to why it might have happened!

Remember that scene where we first meet Peter Parker? Of course you do. How bout that time when Tony straight up confronts him? You probably remember the whole movie to be honest. But there was a line thrown in there, See if you catch it...

Peter: You know that's all fake though, right? It's all done on a computer. You know it's like that video-
Tony: Yeah yeah yeah, oh you mean like those UFO's over Phoenix?
Peter: Exactly

And then the Spidey suit falls...


Some Nova core Spaceships... seems relevantish?
Some Nova core Spaceships... seems relevantish?

Now, depending on which Nova you're talking about (Richard Rider or Sam Alexander) there's evidence to back it up. Richard Rider was granted the power of Nova when Corpsmen Dey is dying and sees him as a worthy person to wear the helmet. Very green lantern type story. That's actually where the story comes from. Fun Fact. Also Richard Rider and Peter Parker both went to Midtown High School. Together, not together, I didn't read THAT comic to answer that question. Now Sam on the other hand did not go to Midtown. In fact he lives in Carefree, Arizona which geographically inst too far from Phoenix. Now in the comics, Sam gets approached by the Guardians Of The Galaxy in his bedroom. Really spooked the hell out of him. Like, there's a talking raccoon yelling at me in my bedroom. They didn't just teleport in there. WELL HOW DO YOU THINK THEY GOT THERE? Hmmm, maybe they took a cab.... no... oh right, THEY TOOK A UFO! Now if you have seen Star Lord's ship in Guardians OF The Galaxy, it isn't exactly "low profile" it makes some noise. Maybe some people took a video of it while it was flying over phoenix.

I'm aware that I'm probably over analyzing it like a bit much, but IT IS STILL a marvel movie. Peter Parker's pizza shirt was a homage to Spider-Man 2. Maybe that's all this is. Just a homage. Maybe it's just me REALLY wanting Nova already.

Sound off in the comments what you think or maybe if I've missed something. Or correct my grammar like a jerk.

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