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Lets face it: the music in Undertale is incredible.

Given that it is effectively copywrite free (as long as you are not selling anything) it enticed me to utilise the greatest songs from the soundtrack into some kind of intense town sized version of mouse trap.

Who's hungry?
Who's hungry?

You see, Fallout 4 has recently released a DLC called 'Contraption Workshop' with it you can build giant conveyor belts, wooden tracks with steel balls, switches, circuits, conduits, fireworks and more. It even features a teddy bear constructing machine.

With all these tools at my disposal a breakfast machine within Fallout 4 naturally seemed the most appropriate usage of my time. Who doesn't like waking up to eggs, bacon AND a steaming hot cup of coffee, all it takes is 10 tonnes of steel, rubber and an entire town to hold the machinery.

You can see the video here:

Some behind the scenes facts: I have had to use a lot of mods from Nexus Mods in this video to make the contraptions DLC work properly. You NEED the mod ‘Place anywhere’ to do anything as the original game is very fussy about where it lets you build. Almost all the time for whatever reason you cannot put something where you want it. The mod overrides everything and lets you build anywhere. Do not get me started on how you would make these steel ball tracks and switches without it.

My favourite inclusion in the Fallout 4 contraptions DLC is the fireworks. Unfortunately however I do not really understand how to use fireworks, in the video they are just firing at random and I have had to use clever(ish) editing to make it look like they are all firing at once.

So soon I will make a full video on how to make contraptions and how to use contraptions in fallout 4!

(The breakfast making machine came from a Family Guy joke as you can see)

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