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So Today before bed I decided to combine three favorite things, Kevin Smith, Deadpool and Screen junkies movie fights! With that combination revisiting the "pitch a Deadpool sequel" battle was an experience which opened my mind. Although the ideas were good (!!!) I have decided to take a crack at a sequel myself. It's far from perfect so please understand this is a first draft and may contain many errors. (link) (link)

So now that we have that out of the way, let's begin! And please enjoy and let me know what you think as it will include: Four new characters, including cable. A cameo for Stan Lee. A beginning, middle and end explained!

Maybe this is all just because I'm a Smarta**?
Maybe this is all just because I'm a Smarta**?

Part 1 (The Opening)-

Ok, so first of all my version of Deadpool is going to be much darker than the first film. Wade Wilson and Vanessa have long since separated and it has hit the Merc with a mouth so hard, to the point that he sees no option but to end his life. He leaves a note for Blind Al... Even though he knows she is blind. He says a final good bye to his unicorn, decides to "do the man thing" one more time real quick and then proceeds to place a shotgun in his mouth and *BLAM* Wade Wilson is Dead... For 10 minutes.

This sets up a montage of our protagonist continually finding new ways to kill himself. With the same result. He begins by cutting off limbs and puts them in a trash bag, he drowns, he hangs himself with the montage ending. After countless attempts lasting over months he finally decides to try one last thing, something that symbolises his pain. He cuts out his heart and falls to the ground, it rolls over to his severed limbs. As consciousness is lost an entire arm jumps out of the bag and grasps the heart.

after a few hours he finally starts to wake up, he is dazed he is out of i completely. As he finally starts to see clearly a bright light appears and a women in black approaches. It is Mistress Death. She looks at him, smiles and says "not yet hot stuff". He then takes a punch to the stomach and realises there is a huge guy with a techno organic organic arm beating the living crap out of him. Cable has arrived.

Part 1 explained-

Like I said I stuck to my guns and Deadpool 2 started out pretty dark. Deadpool lacked one thing in the first film and that was a legitimate threat to himself. As he said he became indestructible and therefore was never going to be killed by Ajax, who was amazing as the Villain. There were Stakes in Vanessa, but you take her from the equation and the final battle becomes one tough bad-ass Fighting someone who has unlimited endurance. He never stood a chance. So why not make that the central antagonist to start. Make the man who can't die, fight his powers? The film can still contain humor, make some of his deaths hilarious, leave a suicide not for Blind Al and entertain people! All while giving the cast a chance to show off some good story telling in their performances. As a bonus you also get to add Mistress Death and Cable introduced. Who I would have Kevin Knash as Cable and Blake Lively as Death.

First of all Kevin Knash as Cable for me personally is perfect. He has the look, he has been in some high profile films with Magic Mike and I'm a huge wrestling fan! And when it comes to Mistress Death, Why not have Ryan Reynolds real life partner play his characters' main love interest? It gives huge opportunity for fourth wall breaks!

The setup-

We continue now with Deadpool and cable staring at each other. With the former in a weakened state. He is, for the first time in a long time, physically and emotionally vulnerable in every way. Cable props him up and explains how there is a new Mercenary gunning for him, and if he dies now. In the future his absence will result in the end of the world at the hands a man names Mister Sinister. Deadpool Does not care, the only thing he really responds to his the thought of himself dying. So Cable raises another issue. With a sigh he explains that if he is to die now. Vanessa will die in-front of him before he goes. Immediately Wilson almost awakens a new energy he jumps up and like a man on fire he walks out the door gets dressed and inquires on how a Inspector Gadget knows this. Cable introduces himself as the man out of time. He is from the future and has come back specifically to protect the Merc with a mouth so he can in tern save the world. After some pointless questions (does he ever meet wolverine/ is he friends with Hugh in the future) Wade finally asks an important question. How does this new foe kill him?

This is instantly followed by him being shot in leg from a window far away and the wound profusely bleeds and does not close up. Cable covers Wade and they escape. The Camera then slowly closes in on the shooter. It is Domino.

The scene then returns to Deadpool and Cable getting away until our anti-hero falls and is in dire need of medical attention due to blood loss. They make it a hospital where Stan Lee is met as his doctor and pulls the bullet from hie leg. It is then asked in Lee worked at a strip club. He just replies with "I gave it up for chastity". After our wacko doctor is gone the leg wound eventually closes up. It is then explained that the bullet was made from carbonadium. An alloy that stops healing factors temporarily, but can kill someone with healing powers if it were to come in contact with heart or brain. As they go to leave the hospital the duo bump into Dopinder who is handcuffed to a hospital bed. He got himself beat up so he could get better food than the meals they serve in prison as he was arrested for murder in the previous movie. They then strike a deal that if they free him he will drive them around and give back the ammo bag left behind in his Taxi.

Once freed the three men leave the hospital, Domino watching from a distance, and go to a storage locker and recover the weapons bag. The two friends then proceed for a crisp high five when Dopinder pulls out a gun and shoots Mr Pool in the head and aims at Cable. Ranting on about how he is hard now and they are chumps until he is shot and killed by Domino. A battle is then started between domino and Cable. They brawl until and the man of the future gets the upper hand. He is then shot by domino and loses the advantage. they then proceed to have a gunfight as Wade wakes up from his little temporary death. Cable once again gains the upper hand when he shoots his rival with ease. She drops screaming as it cuts to Deadpool forcing his ally to stop. They walk over and see who a blue women lying on the ground. It is Vanessa, only know she has taken on the persona of Shapeshifter Copycat.

The confrontation, explained-

So as the story continues I would like to see it liven up. Reintroduce and make nods to the first film in multiple ways while also progressing the story- line heavily. You get your Stan Lee Cameo as Bizarre as ever, going from working at a strip club to a Doctor? What did he give up for Chastity? We also see the return of Dopinder who is I would have look like he has been in prison he is covered in Tattoos and has a grill. Genuinely believing he is a hardened Criminal. We also see get to see the official cinematic Debut of two characters Domino and Copycat while also maintaining some cannon to the source material. Not only did domino debut alongside Deadpool but she was originally Copycat in Disguise as the Character in that exact moment. Hints would be passed off to hardcore fans obviously. With the power to manipulate probability makes Domino a person who has luck constantly on side she would have never missed the first shot she took and chances are Cable never would have been able to fire his gun in the first place let lone beat her in a firefight. I would cast Kate Beckinsale or Milla Jovovich as both fit the look of the character and they would both do well for the role and future films. As for mentioning The villain Sinister, this would be to help with future setup into the X-men films as a whole. This can be proven by X-men: Apocolypse, with the end credits scene making nods to Deadpools fellow mutate. It also gives further proof of Deadpools connection to their universe by giving him the opportunity to join them. (I understand chances are he would have to tone down quite a bit and not be rated R, but I feel overall his role would be alot smaller and he would only be there for the final battle. to help tip the tides as Cable himself states)

The final conclusion-

Now that Domino is revealed to be Vanessa with her new powers a confused and borderline infuriated Wade pulls off his mask and immediately takes to asking questions. It is then made apparent that she had been experiment on by Ajax, with her blue skin and shape shifting abilities manifesting shortly after they broke up, Why? Because losing him was enough stress on her that her body gave her a mutation that allows her to avoid the turmoil by simply being someone else.

They continue to strip her of her weapons, including Dual pistols, a sniper rifle and a katana all made from Carbonadium. Once this happens the Deadpool and Cable carry Vanessa into the sunset with Cable stating that if they stopped Copycat this early the other guy won't be a problem. Deadpool asks "what guy?" And the now restrained copycat replying with "you". The scene flashes back to a bar and a Vanessa in her original shade offering people a "good time" like she did before she met wade. She is then approached by a man in a coat, he sounds like Wade, but his voice is gritty, almost as if he had his throat slit. He asks what can he get for these? He then hands her a melted Voltron ring, a picture of the Golden girls and a condom. After saying She isn't interested this man man insists and drags her out back. She turns blue and tries to fight him off and tells "Wade" to back off. He then pulls of the coat and reveals Wade Wilson, with a collapsed skull, half healed wounda all over his body. It looks as if he had is body meltedto be a second Deadpool from the body parts he had removed during his depression and countless suicide attempts. He is a Deadpool without a moral compass or conscience. He is Evil Deadpool.

After a huge fist fight Vanessa gets the upper hand. As she runs he tells her. "You can't run, neither can he. Sooner or later I will get you both, when I am whole I will find you both and make you pay for what you did to me!" We fade back to the three mutants and it is established she was after the copy of Wade all along, amassing her weapons from the original Domino and using her identity as a cover encase she were to target the original Wade by accident. She needed to stop this " Deadpool" before he was able to completely fuse himself together and regenerate the parts that did not come with what was in the trash bag.

It becomes clear over the course of her story that she had no remorse in regards to her former love, if she happened to kill him, it would not affect her.With this revelation Deadpool decides to go after his more violent and sadistic counterpart and kill them both together, giving him the death he so sweetly craves. Cable immediately sees the plan, but agrees to let Wade this. On one condition, He leaves Vanessa a gift. Wads runs behind a wall and begins screaming. He then returns with something inside a an old shoe box he found from a dumpster. Cable punches Copycat out and the two move on in search of the second regenerating degenerate. It is immediately addressed that neither man know where to find him. They begin to think and come up with some ideas on where he could be. First they look in the sewers, wade and Vanessa's' old apartment and other random places until they reach St Margaret's'.

As the two enter Cable is immediately take out (shot) by a now fully formed Wade Wilson, who is sitting by the bar, having a drink with Weasel who is now super confused. The three lock eyes and Deapools' best friend immediately raises his hands and walks out the room. With the owner of the establishment gone the two deranged men begin to fight with the original acting careless, firing all of his Carbonadium bullets straight away and only hitting twice. Once in the arm and once in the leg. Causing minimal damage. This gives the opening for a full fledged sword battle between the two with Weasel supplying Evil Deadpool with weapons, believing him to be his friend. After a solid fight Evil Deadpool gets the edge prompting our hero to resort to the last weapon he has and his way to death. The Carbonadium blade. He is then taken from behind by Evil Deadpool (insert obvious joke here) which leads to a double penetration with Wade Wilson sending the blade through his chest and both mens' hearts. The scene cuts to black.

We then find and impaled Wade in Darkness, the light returns, as does Mistress Death. She goes up to him and gives him a passionate kiss. She tells him how she senses his craving for her, but she needs his help before they can be together. She needs him to stop Sinister for the amount of death he can cause is too overwhelming for her to be able to handle. To many souls in need of guidance and she needs him to prevent this. He agrees on one condition that she shows him what Vanessa is doing at that moment. She opens a portal and it reveals his former love awaking to her "gift" she opens to find his heart an a note reading:

"I want to give you this, as this is the heart that beats for you. But I need a new one, so it can beat for another.
Ps: are you Chastity?"

Mistress Death then looks at him and grins. and Wade replies with I was gonna give her my D*[email protected] but I think I needed to save it for you.. Super Penis. She then walks up and says, "I think it's time you pulled out" and she rips the blade from his chest and he awakes to Cable and weasel looking at him with Wade declaring he is in love. Both help him up and Wade the movie ends with the three having a drink. Cable says he has to go back to the future to see if it has changed at all. The men part ways while Deadpool asks a confused Weasel how he lived when he impaled his heart with a carbonadium blade. Weasel replies with, "What's Carbonadium and what heart?" Wade looks Down and starts swearing his head off.

The final conclusions (the ending) explained-

So I would like to keeps this short and sweet. Everything in this movie is to help give the Protagonist some genuine threat. The introduction of Carbonadium and Evil Deadpool helps give Deadpool a threat to his life, rather than just an battle he is essentially going to win. He has an opponent that matches him on every level and something weapons available that are capable to killing him. The only reason he survives is due to the removal of his heart for Vanessa. It wasn't in his body so therefore when he pierced his chest he missed by a few miles. As for not passing out this time, it was completely due to the fact that he cut is out earlier in the film. He developed enough pain tolerance to keep consciousness to stay awake after woods. .

I feel like the overall conclusion is solid it gives some more airtime to introduce Mistress Death and further include Deadpool into the X-men universe. There is solid character development to the lead and allow him to grow as a character. New Characters are introduced who definitely deserve their dues in Death and Domino. Domino's introduction also fits perfectly within the film while remaining relatively close to the original source material.


We have Deadpool dressed in BDSM gear, with lets get it on playing. He Says "He I come babe." And hangs himself with a bright light appearing as we fade to black.


Although not perfect and many Grammar errors. What do you think?

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