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So I've already seen the first episode of both Arrow and Flash. And am I disappointed? Meh. The jury is out on the Arrow. I loved the episode of the Flash and I will talk more about that in another blog. But at the moment, with the Arrow going into assembling a new team it got me thinking about some of the lost team ups that will never be. That's right folks I am talking about Birds of Prey. You know what would've been awesome? A Birds of Prey ; Laurel and Helena team up. Because they were killing it in the actual season two episode called 'Birds of Prey' (which totally did not live up to the name BTW).

Anyways, can you imagine how awesome the Huntress and Laurel's Black Canary would have been teaming up to face some big bad....maybe a side mission that they don't tell Oliver about. Of course Felicity could be their IT support and maybe have Thea and Sara's white Canary providing back up? And yes I know this is leading into Fanfiction territory. BUT IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME. Or even better ....The Black siren?

On a totally unrelated note... did anyone see the new promo for the Flash 3x02? Does anybody else see the sideways cyclone that saved the Flash that looked suspiciously like Black Siren's scream? (I'm just sayin').

Besides the Black Canary and Huntress team up that we will never see, unless they possibly travel into another universe with more alternate reality. There have been some awesome team ups that we definitely need to see more of. Thea and Felicity facing the Bee Bandit was pretty awesome. Especially since it NEVER happened again.

The girls of Arrow are pretty badass without the Arrow, and I would love to see more of them or even mixed shows mash-ups. Like Iris and Sara for example.....

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