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From Fallacious to Scars:

Following up the success and acclaim of Fallacious and Border Patrol, Producer Director Dee McCullay continues slicing his way through the veins of Indie horror in his new short film Scars. Fallacious was a straight up in your face slasher flick with no apologies, while Border Patrol was a horror/ thriller with a new take on the zombie genre, relying on a tensioning undertone, as the films have put his name on the map of indie horror up and comers. Seeing the positivity in review after review, it has been said he should be working on ‘The ABC’s of Death’ and ‘Crypt TV’ it seems ‘nothing can stop his rise.’ Scars is his newest film in quick succession - this time dealing with one of his most beloved subjects, the paranormal.

Scars Release December 27, 2016
Scars Release December 27, 2016

The Synopsis of Scars:

Faith Beckett will soon learn there is no solution to sadness at the edge of a blade. Faith is stood up, receiving a break up text from her now ex boyfriend, and left to go home alone. Upon coming to her lonely little apartment she is dealt a deathblow in the form of an eviction notice on her door. Faced with a life on the street or ending everything tonight, we learn she is a cutter and has had to deal with quite a bit of pain in her life. She quickly reaches for the blade on the counter in a faithless decision. Suddenly she is confronted with a spirit urging her not to do it, as this time will be the last time. Being unarmed by the spirit, another makes his presence known; one much darker coming to tempt her into oblivion. Faith is forced to make the decision.


Written by short horror fiction writer, Dave Dubose. Screenplay adaption by Dee McCullay, the film stars first time actors Kate Sutton - Faith Beckett. Kelly Warder - Christian. Lance Lynch - Vincent. The film has a runtime of 6:58 with a surprising last reel you have to see. Featuring bloody flashes, face morphs and stunning VFX shots, McCullay has again created a film covering multiple production departments by himself, such as editing, VFX, Sound FX, ADR, Sound Design, he has been credited for his past achievements as reviewers are taking note of the quality of work coming from his Thunderstryker Films production company. It seems only a matter of time before the next level of industry professionals take notice.

Kate Sutton as Faith Beckett
Kate Sutton as Faith Beckett

Skeleton Crew:

Working with a skeleton crew of first time crew members, they are learning the ropes of production as they help create everything that is needed to make the story a reality. As the crew learns, they know what to expect on the next production, whether lighting, audio, or production assistant, Thunderstryker Films has given many people their first IMDb credits in both cast and crew. Dee McCullay works in record time and has fired these films out month after month - “Pre-setting a release date is a big deal and forces me in post production to put all my time and effort into getting the film finished one way or another, long before the release date; so I can get a trailer cut, review submissions, and article submissions; as I have found, you can’t just make a film and expect people to watch it. - It will need some sort of promotion.”


Dave Dubose had met Dee on Twitter and came to him with the idea of a possible film based off his story “A Solution to Sadness.” - in which a while ago he had wanted another film maker to try, but for some reason or another it didn’t pan out. “He submitted the proposal and story and I took a look at it. At the time, my focus was next to be on Fallacious II, but due to logistics and scheduling, it was just not possible and his story was the perfect project to work on during that time. It’s a great story with a nice twist, and I was quite charmed with the writing.” Dave and Dee have been featured on B Movie Bros Podcast discussing the film and the International ’TerrorBros’ will definitely work on another film in 2017.

Behind the Scars:

Having rented an apartment for the shoot, shooting day came, and were setting up at 3 PM and had crew begin to show up for 5 PM. Driver and actress Kate was to pick up the Make-up FX artist and the other cast mates and make the hour long trek to the location. “I lost contact with Kate for about 2 hours.” The other cast mates were on edge and getting fed up with the wait, and backed out of the project altogether. Finally Kate called as she had just arrived to pick up our Make-up FX Tech Dawnmarie L, stating she had hit the ditch. “I was faced with the decision to abandon the film, or fight on, despite the time.” Kate was adamant to get it done and showed some real determination. “We ended up pulling Lance Lynch, our Lighting Technician, and calling in the sister of our Audio Recordist Kaiya, Kelly Warder.” The film was again a-go, then we lost audio with a full SD card, forcing us into ADR work in post. By the time we shot, it was 8:30 PM and finally finished at 12:30 AM.

Different Scars:

This film is different from the others McCullay has worked on, as Fallacious was a Halloween slasher film, and Border Patrol was a zombie film [of sorts.] This one deals with self harm, rejection, depression, hopelessness and choice, facing inner demons and the day to day things we all must face. “It’s one of the most grounded films I have done, and yet a balancing act of treating the disorder of depression right, whilst showing the mental torture of ‘to be or not to be’ in a haunting and disturbing way.” The film has it’s roots in reality while dipping it’s toe in the pool of paranormal as well. When we think of guardian angels we think of white robed beings, fighting devils in red suits. I wanted something different as this guardian spirit has always been around Faith, disguised in plain clothes, ever watchful where ever she goes, while Vincent the devilish hellish being arrives in a black stylized hood, has been ever present as well.

Faith must choose now
Faith must choose now

Looking into 2017:

The film is due for release December 27, 2016, and many other projects are on the rise for the coming year. Dee is working to become ‘The Man’ in Canadian Horror for 2017, with many disturbing and increasingly brutal films on the horizon. “I would rather go big or go home when it comes to film. My budget is limited, but with imagination and dedication to the art, that is what is making the difference. I would rather be seen for 1 minute of something completely insane, than be seen for some average little film that someone watches 5 minutes of.” Called the hardest working man you will never see, Dee has been behind these films determined to push from one stepping stone to the next with both skill and focus.

Scars Teaser Trailer

Scars The Film (December 27 2016)

McCullay is definitely on the rise on horror and labelled as 'one to be watched' as he will leave his mark on the genre.

Scars is due for international release December 27, 2016 From Thunderstryker Films Reject International

You can find him on Twitter at @dee_mccullay and fellow member @PhantomDarkDave as well as the crew of rejects under that hashtag. McCullay can also be found on Facebook under Dee McCullay - Dark History and Thunderstryker Films.

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