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Fantastic Beasts: the most recent trailer political battle

This latest trailer unveils the plot of the film published by JK Rowling. This spin-off of Harry Potter gives us a glimpse of as extraordinary as dangerous creatures but in addition clashes between wizards along with other humans, not so long echoes our politics.

Of course, if behind probably the most impressive exotic creatures from one another and the first spin-off of Harry Potter, was hiding a political speech. Seems like whatever the case get in the 3rd and final trailer of Fantastic Beasts. And gives anyway a much better notion of the intentions of JK Rowling, who wrote the screenplay in this feature film in theaters on November 16.

The studio Warner was keen make an impression the fans having a lengthy trailer composed almost entirely of unpublished images. You can see fearsome monsters, apocalyptic action scenes but additionally the most beautiful things as magic wands... "bios"! They would respect the surroundings.

The recipe remains effective but no longer surprises. JK Rowling (re) uses exactly the same themes. Only geography and historical times are changing. So, we left the United Kingdom to sign up the American twenties. The hero, Eddie Redmayne, is actually a sorcerer strange and shy. It gives a feel badly Harry Potter, the wizard with all the scar.

The novelist has always insisted that this new film is usually more than a spin-off of Harry Potter. Because of its director David Yates, it might be a good political film. Fantastic Pets is in fact the version of Harry Potter. "The film covers topics that echo our contemporary political world, " he said in an interview. Watch Fantastic Beasts Full Movie

We already recalled the themes of racism and discrimination addressed inside the original saga with wizard’s blood "pure" and those with blood "mixed". In this new work, which is released right after the united states presidential elections, most likely one will discover references to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

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