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What is up people so today we are going to compare Goku to Marvel so there are going to be a lot of fanboys here so chill this is my opinion. So to be honest possibly alot of the godly characters are possibly going to be the only ones able to kill goku. due to the point where he is now (SPOILERS AHEAD CAUTION) in episode 72

He is able to counter hit's time skip and his time skip, skips through time and creates another world where he can move and come back to be exact hit was using his full power and so was goku if goku can counter Hit skipping time then what does that prove to you? Goku can easily solo the Marvel universe but not all of it possibly the only ones I can think of are basically gods and the hulk yes the hulk well here if the hulk can get angry enough he is like broly if he can get angry enough he can get so powerful that goku would get hurt by him though the thing is its going to be hard to get time to get angry enough if goku either is able to knock out the hulk before he gets angry enough then the hulk will lose though if he gets angrier at goku which he possibly cant this is due to goku's spirit of fighting and stupidity goku is always in the mood of wanting to eat or fight someone and a really energetic mood he wouldn't tease hulk to the point where he gets that angry.

So in this argument goku would possibly lose now lets compare him to the gods so first up is Odin the father of thor so this seems as if a close match if Goku can pull of Kaioken x10 then he is faster than you think with hit not being able to see him. that proves he is faster than light due to the speed he was moving at. So this is by far a 50/50 match it could go either way it counts on if goku takes it serious or not if goku does not take odin that serious his spirit will basically not be in the match and he would lose the point of fighting serious though in goku's favor he can hit odin more than odin can hit him plus due to them having capsules were they can store a pot if he uses a mofuuba on odin he wins which odin does not no how to counter that. So in this favor I would have to give this to Goku again so there is going to be alot of fanboys here so keep in mind THIS IS MY OPINION TO YOU. we are using world breaker hulk.

So lets get on to Galactus so this one counts on How strong he is when fighting hit if he can power up a big enough blast he would be able to kill galactus but galactus would just die so here is my argument here the silver surfer was able to turn his energy siphoning machine against him and he was fatally weakned by this he died at this moment so I would actually and I mean actually to Goku so this is about 70/30 70% being Galactus hear me out this is because of the main priority of the comic book crossover of dc and marvel it took superman a hell of a lot of hard work to beat galactus in my argument if you think about how strong goku is he could kill superman and in the comic book it took superman + Thor's Hammer + CA's shield to beat him so this would have been the combined might of all three of them combined it it takes them that much to beat thanos if you think about goku can where he is now beat superman due to the point of him being faster than hit who can leap through time and skip through it. So this one Goes to Goku.

I also support this argument with hits power level so I know power level's are BS but if you think about enough hit's time skip basically makes it so he enters into another reality that he created if hit can create another world or reality he way stronger than you think he can and at this point he could be the gods surely he is not omni king level but he is stronger than beerus and champa. This goes for the same as goku being able to counter hit coming from another reality and having the actual time and speed and agility to keep up with hit's time skip.

So Im going to wrap it up here

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