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Since 2012, I've been slowly suffering from Marvel Cinematic Universe fatigue. The main problems with the otherwise beloved and critically acclaimed box-office franchise that a: Is too much a funner tone with too much wisecracks; b: disposable villains; c: annoying Disney-Tie ins; d: annoying Olaf-like comic relief characters, (I'm not racist, but I definitely HATED Luis from Ant-Man); e: they had ignored the events for their better written, more serious-toned TV counterparts (the Inhumans situation from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; f: they were slow to release a female-led entry (if there is one thing good about the DCEU and their TV shows, is that they showcased their top heroines quicker. Jessica Jones ain't Supergirl you know.) I don't care what really happened about the behind the scenes fiasco with Marvel Entertainment, the MCU should connect with both the movies and the shows both ways and share and interact to their situations.

But the main problem with the MCU that it's too lighthearted and goofy with mostly one-off characters (S.H.I.E.L.D. and Netfilx series aside), since they are a property of Disney, the infamous studio known for their happy-go-lucky approach in their films (Star Wars excluded). If this keeps up, and I don't care if they sell merchandise, this franchise will start to bug audiences who wish they could return to the early days of the genre started by the Blade series and Batman Begins.

We need to go back to gritty superhero movies where the consequences of superhuman activity is explored and deal with lasting stakes (Captain America Civil War explores this, but is ruined by the usual MCU humor, a team vs. team sparring session that is not intense and serious and Tony and Steve shake hands and everything's hunky dory.) Batman v. Superman did this better but out of character moments from the two-thirds of the DC Trinity and a goofball Lex Luthor ruined it.

We don't need our superhero movies to always are fun are full of wisecracks and 70's pop songs, we need more films to deal with the dark side of humanity and the serious ramifications of being a costumed hero. That's why I'm looking forward to the X-Men franchise for a serious fix. Sure, Deadpool can lighten things up, but I don't want a superhero franchise dominated by dancing jerks, baby tree people, talking raccoons and wisecracking smartasses. The superhero genre needs to have a balance of silly and serious, just like TV shows, other movie genres and anime. Entertainment media should be equal sides of fun escapism and dark grittiness. If the MCU won't have a first truly darker-tone entry in the near future, and this franchise might be like as Steven Spielberg says, go the way of the Western.

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