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Watch these shark films here

Jaws (1975)

Dir: Steven Spielberg

Stars: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary

A giant great white shark arrives on the shores of a New England beach resort and wreaks havoc with bloody attacks on swimmers, until a part-time sheriff teams up with a marine biologist and an old seafarer to hunt the monster down.

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Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Dir: Renny Harlin

Stars: Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, Samuel L. Jackson, Jacqueline McKenzie

Searching for a cure to Alzheimer's disease a group of scientists on an isolated research facility become the bait as a trio of intelligent sharks fight back.

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The Reef (2010)

Dir: Andrew Traucki

Stars: Damian Walshe-Howling,Gyton Grantley, Adrienne Pickering, Zoe Naylor

A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef.

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The Shallows (2016)

Dir: Jaume Collet-Serra

Stars: Blake Lively, Oscar Jaenada, Angelo Josue Lozano Corzo, Brett Cullen

A mere 200 yards from shore, surfer Nancy is attacked by a great white shark, with her short journey to safety becoming the ultimate contest of wills.

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Dark Tide (2012)

Dir: John Stockwell

Stars: Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, Ralph Brown, Sizwe Msutu

A professional diver tutor returns to deep waters after 1 year, following an almost fatal encounter with a great white shark. The nightmare from the deep is still lurking - more carnivorous and hungry than ever.

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Red Water (2003)

Dir: Charles Robert Carner

Stars: Lou Diamond Phillips, Kristy Swanson, Coolio, Jaimz Woolvett

A freshwater shark wreaks havoc as it heads up a Louisiana river.

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Shark Attack (1999)

Dir: Bob Misiorowski

Stars: Cordell McQueen, Casper Van Dien, Chris Olley, Jacob Makgoba

In a once serene African fishing village, a marine biologist goes in search of some answers when his friend becomes a victim in one of a series of brutal shark attacks.

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