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Thor Ragnarok is the last piece in the puzzle of the Infinity Stones. Although An official trailer is not yet released we have a fan trailer by the YouTube Channel Aryan Prinjha

The nine realms are not eternal

They had a dawn as they will have a dusk

The ARYAN PRINJHA YouTube channel recently uploaded the fan-made trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Absolutely no footage has been released from the movie to the general public from the movie, but fans who were in attendance during Marvel's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to an early look. So, this trailer was forced to use footage from other Marvel movies as well as some other random sci-fi and fantasy movies. However, it is pretty convincing.

Credits : Aryan Prinjha
Credits : Aryan Prinjha

Thor Ragnarok is supposed to be the last piece of the puzzle. With speculations of the soul stone being in possession of Hela. It will pave way for the Infinity War.

A fan made Soul Stone
A fan made Soul Stone

The trailer also showcases the mysterious and devilish villain Hela, who is being played by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. Since she hasn't appeared in an MCU movie yet, the trailer had to pull some footage from her other movies to make it work, but it is pretty effective. It also teases another uneasy alliance between Thor and Loki, as well as some Hulk action in space.

Overall it's a very good trailer and keeps the viewer asking for more. I mean coming from a 17 year old boy , its pretty good.

So without any further adieus here it is!!


So who do you think has the Soul Stone?

The channel also featured an Infinity War Trailer some time ago. To those interested , the link is below. Enjoy

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