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Jodie is a stunning example of a piece of work bending the boundaries of the experience a film can give the viewer. This film is not just about sitting down and observing the story, it’s about the journey that the audience experiences. This piece by Morpheus Imagery is described as ‘Not Safe For Work’ and said to be about teenage sexuality as it follows a young girl with the innocence of her virginity and her sexuality she faces whilst we follow two parallel stories that unfold and slowly merge into one.

Imagine the classic film 'Kids' but now inject a load of heroin and then you have Jodie. - Morpheus Imagery

The film is captured in such a way that the message is not immediately clear to us and it may take a number of watches to start to understand the true meaning behind the girl’s actions. Even then, there are multiple ways in which her actions can be perceived. 'Every action has a reaction' is a major theme that runs throughout. Jodie slowly starts to fall down the rabbit hole into a dark place, yet the film shows us moments of her trying to ignore the pain that is causing her to spiral into this abyss. During this, the audience is able to see every imperfection that causes her to slowly unbutton.

Whilst the images themselves are an integral part of the film, each shot tells its own story. It’s underlying effects, truly make this piece complete, by using two parallels that sync together. The clever editing and music, really provides necessary scope for this film.

Art Is Responsible For Society's Mirror

Throughout history it has been the responsibility of art to act as a mirror for society and this piece attempts and succeeds to bring just a few of societies sins into the bigger picture. Sexuality and mental instability are often seen as the poisonous apple of modern day yet this film shows that in reality they are normal actions of adolescence, but society chooses to ignore subjects like this and tells you to keep it to yourself.

Jodie is by far one of the most thought provoking pieces that has come out of 2016 and is definitely one to watch if you want to get a genuine experience, even though it may seem a little alternative to the average fashion film. The subject is something that not many artists will even touch and that has a lot to say about the courage of Morpheus Imagery.

Written by Azaria Messingham, edited by Morpheus Imagery.

Thank you for watching!

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