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So, what has happened over the past few weeks regarding FOX's new tv show, The Exorcist? The show had it's season finale on December 16th (two weeks ago) and it's in fear of cancellation as FOX does not have a huge rate of renewing shows. However, this has not stopped fans of the show from rallying to and they call themselves the . Here a few examples:

Oh, well that was my one as a short example but now fans are sending red feathers (which are iconic to the series regarding the demon).

And the list goes on. The hashtag is currently going viral all over twitter and could soon become trending in many countries if it hasn't already. Being the weird freak I am, I too am part of the & campaign. The show was definitely one, if not the best show of 2016 or at least the second half. It was beautifully created and I absolutely loved the mini parallels to the movie and the mentions of some of the characters. Geena Davis plays Angela Rance/Regan MacNeil, Sharon Gless played Chris MacNeil and Robert Emmet Lunney plays Pazuzu/The Salesman.

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