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I would like to start off with a song of rebellion! My goal with returning to MoviePilot is to build a platform for my love in media through writing and print. I'm going to stick to movies, television, and plays on this forum. All my video blogs and music related activity will either be posted on my Facebook, or my youtube pages. If you have any questions you can contract me at [email protected], and I'll return your message in a timely matter. If you've ever read a posting from me prior to the one I'm publishing today, thank you. Now forget it, these reviews and stories will be more brazen, outlandish, and funny then anything I'm ever written before here. Expect new Weeknd Movie Reviews, and much more media related garbage as seen by me.

Seriously, thank you for reading and I hope you subscribe to my other stuff. It's gunna be a wild ride. I'll add links later, don't question my logic. Just nod in the affirmative and worship my every post like a long awaited Bradgalina Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel, with a walk on Stan Lee cameo, and a supporting role from Donald Glover. Now that I have you all hot and ready, enjoy the show.

Dashon the AntiPunk

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