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Westworld’s story starts thin, but each episode—like peeling an onion—reveals new spicy secrets and sub-plots with top shelf acting, writers, and production staff. Westworld’s initial cinematographic wild west/sci-fi blend provide a welcoming montage of titillating romance and villainous shootings. Old vistas smoosh together with advanced technology, political power struggles and quests of discovery to stoke viewer interest. The story line is as simple as a robotic amusement park of the future or as complex as parallels between the struggles for power and the hardships of slavery: a delightful study of human nature and what makes each of us tick. Season 1 succeeds at getting us to feel for the androids plight. Thankfully like Heroes and GOT, our favorite characters never really die. While season 2’s growing chaos and robot uprising will initially delight, can it meet or pass season 1’s quality?

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